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  • Ian
    In order to meet monitoring requirements, it would be good to be able to interface our protective monitoring system with ukcloud's portal to pick up events (such as sucessful or failed log-ins, backup failures, etc).

    We already monitor the VMs for logins.  We would like to extend this monitoring to include UKCloud portal events. At present we have to manually login to monitor these, but would like to be alerted immediately someone logs in. 
  • Andy_W - UKCloud
    Andy_W - UKCloud   

    One of the services we are seeing more and more call for on our Elevated platform is the desire to utilise trusted internet endpoints to support applications running in our elevated domain.

    The products team are looking for feedback if this type of internet breakout service providing customers using our Elevated platform with a secure, one-way gateway out to customer approved internet URLs would be of value.

    We've identified some potential use cases that include postcode lookups, payment transactions and access to vendor update servers.

    This service could help to improve your operational efficiency by providing a simpler alternative to downloading and installing patches within Elevated, or having to use a Cross Domain solution for simple data flows.

    We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below - or just vote this idea up if you think it's something we should invest in developing..

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  • Steve Cady
    Steve Cady   

    I’ve subscribed to the UK Cloud service status alerts emails and I’m not sure that they are as user friendly as they could be.


    If you take a typical alert (example below) it tells me that ‘something’ is going to happen in my environment; however, there is no information about what work is being done and what the impact to us is.

    Planned Maintenance - Enterprise Compute Cloud (ASSURED/ELEVATED), All Regions. 14th April 2018 has been scheduled

    It’s only when I delve further onto the UK Cloud web site that I get the fuller picture, i.e.:


    Planned Maintenance - Enterprise Compute Cloud (ASSURED/ELEVATED), All Regions. 14th April 2018, scheduled 2 weeks from now



    UKCloud will be performing Operating Systems upgrades for the Portal



    Sat 07:00 14th Apr – Monday 06:00 16th Apr


    Impact to customer?

    Access to the Portal will be intermittent throughout the maintenance window


    I think it would be more efficient and save time if all of this information could be included within the original email alert without having to click on a link.

  • MTT - February 2018
    MTT - February 2018   
    Any device, any time, antywhere access to desktops, applications and data. VMware Horizon platform with GPU capability and VM's in RAM. On demand. 
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  • Mike G
    Mike G   
    This is not so much an idea as such but some thought about your portal, and the new portal that I am aware you are working on.

    I think it would be good to look at the other cloud providers and the services they provide on their portals. as they provide a lot of extra services as part of the cost of the server and other services that are provided for a small extra fee

    you have a few different technologies for compute hypervisors, could you intergrate so you can get more details about as server directly from the portal without going in to vCloud director or any of the other hypervisor portals.
    Click on a server name and show the set up of the server and some basic matrics of real time status (CPU / RAM / Network useage)

    You could look at adding some sort of internal marketplace where 3rd party applications/solutions can be purchased, BYOL or licence rental, I.E. advanced firewalls (Palo Altos) / Cloud backup solutions (Veeam)

    In addition not all clients are strong in powershell or CLI coding, alot of the time you point to places like GITHUB for people to get sample code. some of the functions you could look at setting up plugins that use these codes and intergrate with the hypervisor APIs as market place options. with a small charge for the maintenenc and any resources they use (I.E. storage for scipts to output results to), any example i have had to work out ways to intergrade the power control of servers and schedule. you could provide a way to set up a power schedule from with in the portal for a small charge.

    I have had a quick chat about some of this with my TAM but wanted to also place it on here.

  • Chris Ellis
    Chris Ellis   
    Could we please have ECS S3 compatible storage that is only available from the VDC rather than from the internet.

    This would enable it for backups but remove the possibility of data loss from the internet.
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  • Chris Hinchcliffe
    Chris Hinchcliffe   
    In Horizon the ability to schedule snapshots of volumes (daily,weekly,monthly) 
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  • simon_mld
    The portal allows access to critical information and functionality, yet it is only protected by a username/password login that is vulnerable to brute force password guessing and password powned attacks. It needs to be possible to authenticate users on the Cloud Native portal with 2FA in the same way as vCloud.
  • StuartLaws
    An app (iOS, Android and WIndows) that enabled support tickets to be raised, viewed and updated without a need to log into the portal itself.

    Handling support tickets from a customer point of view could be much easier from an App (for example) on my iPad whilst I'm traveling and unable to use a laptop.
  • mattb
    It would be very useful to have access to logs raised by security or networking events within the OpenStack platforms, to provide better visibility of network traffic within such projects.
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