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  • Steve Cady
    Steve Cady   

    I’ve subscribed to the UK Cloud service status alerts emails and I’m not sure that they are as user friendly as they could be.


    If you take a typical alert (example below) it tells me that ‘something’ is going to happen in my environment; however, there is no information about what work is being done and what the impact to us is.

    Planned Maintenance - Enterprise Compute Cloud (ASSURED/ELEVATED), All Regions. 14th April 2018 has been scheduled

    It’s only when I delve further onto the UK Cloud web site that I get the fuller picture, i.e.:


    Planned Maintenance - Enterprise Compute Cloud (ASSURED/ELEVATED), All Regions. 14th April 2018, scheduled 2 weeks from now



    UKCloud will be performing Operating Systems upgrades for the Portal



    Sat 07:00 14th Apr – Monday 06:00 16th Apr


    Impact to customer?

    Access to the Portal will be intermittent throughout the maintenance window


    I think it would be more efficient and save time if all of this information could be included within the original email alert without having to click on a link.

  • MTT - February 2018
    MTT - February 2018   
    Any device, any time, antywhere access to desktops, applications and data. VMware Horizon platform with GPU capability and VM's in RAM. On demand. 
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  • JonW
    When posting a follow up comment to an idea I've previously posted as part of a discussion, I don't really need an e-mail to let me know I've just posted a comment!
  • BAshton
    They still show up and you can vote on them.
  • droa
    When using vCloud Director in a browser, you can only have one org open at a time.  Attempting to use another org logs you out of the first one.  For example when trying to setup SRAS to Elevated VPNs, you can't have both VCD consoles open at the same time.  It would be great to be able to support multiple orgs simultaneously.