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    UKCloud Ideas   
    Idea submitted by an attendee at Meet the Team on 1st November
    Would like to be able to query UKCloud platform status via an API so that we don't need to physically go to the status page.
  • droa
    It doesn't seem possible to get maintainence notifications from the service status site by any of email, atom or RSS - only incident notifications.
    Could this be added as some maint notifications have mandatory actions attached that may be missed.
  • Steve Cady
    Steve Cady   

    I’ve subscribed to the UK Cloud service status alerts emails and I’m not sure that they are as user friendly as they could be.


    If you take a typical alert (example below) it tells me that ‘something’ is going to happen in my environment; however, there is no information about what work is being done and what the impact to us is.

    Planned Maintenance - Enterprise Compute Cloud (ASSURED/ELEVATED), All Regions. 14th April 2018 has been scheduled

    It’s only when I delve further onto the UK Cloud web site that I get the fuller picture, i.e.:


    Planned Maintenance - Enterprise Compute Cloud (ASSURED/ELEVATED), All Regions. 14th April 2018, scheduled 2 weeks from now



    UKCloud will be performing Operating Systems upgrades for the Portal



    Sat 07:00 14th Apr – Monday 06:00 16th Apr


    Impact to customer?

    Access to the Portal will be intermittent throughout the maintenance window


    I think it would be more efficient and save time if all of this information could be included within the original email alert without having to click on a link.

  • simon_mld
    The portal allows access to critical information and functionality, yet it is only protected by a username/password login that is vulnerable to brute force password guessing and password powned attacks. It needs to be possible to authenticate users on the Cloud Native portal with 2FA in the same way as vCloud.
  • Mark Scott
    Mark Scott   

    It is good to see UKCloud updating to vCloud Director 8.1/2 currently.  Why was the decision taken to not upgrade to v9, especially given Adobe's plans to deprecate Flash in the next 3 years?

    This is especially prevailant given the current issues and the recent issues involving FireFox deprecating NSAPI plug ins which has lead to a reduced list of compatible browsers.

  • abeverley
    Could you please add Linux Debian as a standard option for a VM to be initially installed with, and also add it to your internal Linux repositories?

    Debian is one of the most popular server operating systems, consistently maintaining a place at number 2 of Distrowatch. You would be hard pushed to find another IaaS provider that doesn't offer Debian, so it would be nice if UKCloud could follow suit.

    Many thanks.
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  • tommarshall
    We're required to implement virus scanning on our Linux VMs, including regular updates to the virus definition files. Since the elevated (IL3) infrastructure is not connected to the internet, it can't reach the servers hosting those files. We are therefore currently having to update the virus definitions files manually.

    Ideally we'd like UKCloud to provide a mirror service for the latest ClamAV virus definition files, similar to the mirrors provided for the apt/yum package respositories, which would be accessible from within the elevated environment.

    The setup process is documented here:
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  • BAshton
    At the moment port 80 is not open on, which is sometimes confusing. should have a 301 redirect to
  • davidcameron
    I'd like to be able to add users to my ECS without creating a ticket. I can currently create buckets at will (using Cloudberry explorer rather than the UK Cloud portal) and user creation would be a good way to streamline tasks.
  • Ideas (UKCloud)
    Ideas (UKCloud)   
    When responding to an outage there needs to be better monitoring and response for us to be aware of what is happening and when.