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  • Mark Scott
    Currently we have a number of VMs at various sizes.  We would like to see a customer facing portal that extracts usage metrics from vCloud Director and presents them as charts showing usage of each VMs CPU and RAM against 95% and 100% of the teired value. 

    Part of this feature would be a recommendation that the VM is reporivisioned at the next highest SKU and there would be a 1 click macro that would either do this or send an email to an AM for further discussion and consideration.

    Another angle to consider would be a flex model whereby a VM is given a range of parameters where it can flex RAM and CPU between these values at certain times e.g. Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm the VM can flex rom 1vcpu to 4vcpu and from 4gb to 16gb RAM.  I am not sure how feasible this would be especially where Windows VMs are concerned.
    7 Comments »  Posted to ProductsPortal  on Mar 8, 2017
  • Julian

    When you have several vms performing the same role for high availability it's ideal that they don't share the same resources. For example, if all vms of the same role are on the same ESXi host and that host fails then that role is unavailable. It's possible to get these configured through a support request but it's not currently possible to check the current config or modify the setup as this is done in vCenter and not vCloudDirector.

    As a customer it would be great to have visibility and control of these settings without having to raise a support request.

    Many thanks,

    9 Comments »  Posted to ProductsCustomer Care and Support  on Nov 18, 2016