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About UKCloud Ideas

At UKCloud we’re passionate about providing secure public cloud services which underpin the UK public sector. We constantly evolve and innovate our cloud platform to add the features that are most important to our community of users and we need you to help shape what we deliver going forward.

UKCloud Ideas is your opportunity to be part of the community that influences our product development. You can suggest an idea, vote for your favourite items and comment on other community member suggestions.

So what happens?
Every idea which you submit is passed to our Customer Voice Team who are responsible for ensuring that we proactively listen to you and that we direct your ideas to the right team within UKCloud. We assess each idea we receive, and we will add them to our delivery road map if they’re in line with our overall strategy. Each idea is judged on its own merits and we’re always looking for innovation that adds value. Not all ideas can be worked on straight away, so some will be added as future developments.

How does it work?
1) If you’ve got an idea, it’s always worth checking if it’s something someone else in the community has thought about by using the search ideas box. If they have, you can add your comments to the idea and vote to see an idea move up or down in terms of priority. If your idea hasn’t been put forward before then please click on the "Post Idea" to create a new idea. It helps us and the community if you choose a title which summarises the idea and provides enough detail so that the idea can be understood.
2) Vote and comment. This is how we tell how much interest there is in an idea. You can spread the word too – if you know of colleagues and other users who would find a feature or change useful. You have the option to receive an email, when someone comments on your idea, which can be set in when you create the idea.
3) If an idea receives over 50 points we’ll respond to the post to let you know what we’re doing about it. Some ideas may not make sense for us to do as a cloud provider but our commitment to you is that we will be open and honest if that is case. We will also comment on some ideas that don’t receive 50 points to provide insight into our thinking.

Each idea will be assigned a status as follows:
• New: the idea has been created and we’re waiting to see what the community thinks of it.
• Under consideration: we’re assessing the idea to see if it’s viable.
• On roadmap: the idea is worthwhile and its been added to our roadmap.
• Considered for future: it’s not something we’re going to do short term although may be incorporated in future. We haven’t fully assessed the idea.
• Not planned: this isn’t an idea we’re going to progress.
• Delivered: we’ve implemented the idea.

UKCloud Ideas is a beta service being developed using an Agile approach. It's important to us that we start collating and gathering your ideas as soon as possible so we decided not to include customer portal logon integration as part of the “minimum viable product”. We’re sorry if this is inconvenient and will look to introducing this functionality in a future iteration of the service.

The rules
UKCloud Ideas is open to all of our customers and partners; and we really appreciate all of your contributions. Full terms of use can be found on but to ensure we stay collaborative please remember:
• No spam, advertisements, obscenities or inappropriate comments or posts
• No personal attacks
• Keep Ideas on topic
• Don’t post or transmit material that infringes any third party intellectual property right
• We are not be responsible for posts that link to content or external websites
• Any content posted can be used by us on a perpetual, unlimited free licence to improve our services
• Respect other members and their right to privacy. We allow users to present themselves anonymously and we will not use the contact information you register for marketing purposes

If you have any suggestions for the site please contact us at