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    UKCloud Ideas   
    We're currently investigating how we can improve the service reports that we provide in the UKCloud Portal. As part of that process, we have a few questions that will help us understand how you currently use those reports:
    • For what purpose do you use the reports?
    • Which team within your organisation are the reports most useful for?
    • Does the information provided within the reports suit the requirements of the data needed by that team?
    • Are there any aspects of the service that you use that you would like to see represented in the reports that are not currently there?
    Thanks for your help.
  • UKCloud Ideas
    UKCloud Ideas   
    Idea submitted by an attendee at Meet the Team on 1st November
    Would like to be able to query UKCloud platform status via an API so that we don't need to physically go to the status page.
  • droa
    It doesn't seem possible to get maintainence notifications from the service status site by any of email, atom or RSS - only incident notifications.
    Could this be added as some maint notifications have mandatory actions attached that may be missed.
  • StuartLaws
    An app (iOS, Android and WIndows) that enabled support tickets to be raised, viewed and updated without a need to log into the portal itself.

    Handling support tickets from a customer point of view could be much easier from an App (for example) on my iPad whilst I'm traveling and unable to use a laptop.
  • Mark Scott
    Mark Scott   
    Service credits should be automatically forthcoming based on the curent status of an MI.  The service credit for a service should stat as soon as the MI is called and end as soon as the MI is resolved.  

    In addition, a rolling 12 month average uptime for each service should be prominently displayed and if that dips below a certain level then service credits should apply.

    The end customer should not have to apply for the service credits nor be subject to arbitrary deadlines.
  • RMckenzie
    Currently there is no way to find out if Zerto SLA is being met except to actually log into the portal and check.  I would like to see either some form of active alerting by UKCloud that will push out emails should SLA not be met or provide some kind of API that we can then query from our own monitoring systems to determine the SLA status and perhaps RTO status.  
  • Matthew Miles
    Matthew Miles   
    We use SSH key pairs as part of the instance creation process to secure logins to our machines. Users have to provide a username, SSH key and key password in whatever terminal application they are using in order to gain access.

    Administrators of the CNI environment also have the option to use the web console within the Instances menu, which can be a useful backup to ensure access to the instance is maintained should there be any network outage, etc.  However, (from what I can see) it would appear that there is no option to make use of the SSH key pair specified when creating the instance. This means that an admin can see the console, provide the username at the login prompt; but can then proceed no further (as they cannot present the SSH key).

    Would it be possible for this to be applied in the web portal to allow administrators to access the instance console from? Perhaps linked to the key storage as part of that user's profile?
  • Jiri
    When I file a support ticket on the POrtal, I receive e-mails everytime the ticket is updated but the subject of the e-mail is always something like this:

    Subject: REQ1012231 Status Update: Updated

    If I have multiple tickets open, I have no idea which one got updated. It would be nice if the e-mail subject would contain the ticket title together with the number:

    Subject: OS customization doesn't work on CentOS 7 (REQ1012231)
  • Mike G
    Mike G   
    As UKcloud are a pay as you go service it would be good if we could get weekly bill reports so we can report back to our customers with a more accurate cost so far report, including a brake down of what servers have cost what so we can review any servers that are costing more than expected.

    also, my understanding is that all servers are billed per hour, may be it would be better to be billed per 30min.
    any server up over 15min is charged to 30min, if it is up for 45min is charged for the hour.

    note - this is something that has also been flagged to the CFO
  • JonW
    When posting a follow up comment to an idea I've previously posted as part of a discussion, I don't really need an e-mail to let me know I've just posted a comment!